A PIECE OF TRUTH Tyvek® Pappwallet XL / Clutch Wallet

A PIECE OF TRUTH Tyvek® Pappwallet XL / Clutch Wallet

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Das Portemonnaie XL ist extra groß für alle deine Karten, Scheine und Münzen. Alle sicher an einem Ort.


Ausstattung: 5x Kreditkartenfächer, 1x Geldscheinfach, 1x extra großes Münzfach

  • Super leicht, dank reißfestem und wasserabweisendem Tyvek® - ein zu 100% recycelbares Material
  • Fühlt sich an wie Papier
  • Genäht und produziert in Berlin
  • Dimensionen: 19 x 9,4 x 0,5 cm
  • Gewicht: 27g

Artist Info

We scour the U.S to save damaged World Atlas, Dictionaries and rare Sheet Musics and turn them into artwork before they disappear for good .Our paper is currently up to 150 years old. Each duplicate is a one of a kind because we match the top words to the artwork and the artwork to the paper so everything you see is there for a reason ! All you have to do is take a very close look at  the paper and it should start to come into view. We then actually paint on the paper using what is known as Mixed Media Artistry. From digital outlining and photography to free hand painting with charcoal, chalk, water colors, graphic pens and two oil based crayons. 

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