TUCANO iPhone Case

TUCANO iPhone Case

By: Gabriele Bonavera
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+ Gedruckt auf reißfestem und wasserabweisendem TYVEK®
+ Passend für alle iPhone® Modelle
+ Gefüttert mit grauen & samtartigen Veloursbezug
+ Genäht & produziert in Berlin

Artist Info

Nice to meet you My name is Gabriele Bonavera. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator based in Milan. I left Messina, in Sicily, when I was 18 to study graphic design and to follow my dreams. I lived in some of the most wonderful Italian cities such as Rome, Turin, Venice and Milan but I've never forgot from where I started my journey. 

I'm very lucky because I've found the right way to express my ideas with images. I began to draw when I was a child. It's something that make me feel good. I just follow the line and my subjects take shape, connected in unexpected ways. I like black ink, black and white, strong primary colours, contrasts, and cleaness. I was always fascinated by the senses that my illustrations produced on different objects like shoes, snapbacks or bags. 

I want to give people something unique. My inspiration is everywhere. www.gabrielebonavera.com